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The Target of the Federation

The main target of the Federation is to protect the Human Rights from any violation and to activate these rights according to the International criteria embodied in the agreements and International covenants.

As well as, it aims at protecting the fundamental policies and rights particularly to self-defense for all the people, Governments and Nations.

Accordingly, any accusation must be based on objectivity that can't be realized without the existence of its conditions starting from the existence of the two conflicting parties up to chance for each of them, who is accused to defend himself.

As the International Amnesty Organization did not care for this privacy, acting as a judge and executioner at the same time, it has not given the concerned parties equal chances in defending themselves. Therefore, there was a necessity for formulating a fact-finding committee, in which the accusations and the judgments are based on objective base away from any suspicion.

The Afro-Asian Lawyers Federation is making appeals for the International Amnesty Organization, as a long experienced Organization in this field for maintaining objective criteria, that was working with before, not to submit to political influences, to apply single standard in similar quest, to give all the concerned parties equal chances in defending themselves, which is the most important in Human Rights that are mentioned in the International Declaration of Human Rights and all the International agreements and conventions that are in line with International legitimacy.