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 Photo Gallery

Dr. Essmat in one of the presidential election in Djibouti

President of Djibouti (Amr Jella) co-hosted by Dr. Esmat Merghany

Nedaa Al Agras association in Alexandria honoring Dr. Essmat

Dr Essmat in one of the federation periodic meetings


His Holiness Pope Shenouda with Dr. Esmat during the public "Eftar" hosted by the cathedral

Receives Man of the Year Award on behalf of Mr. Kofi Annan, the UN chief.

Celebration of the Federation board of directors Heliopolis Sporting Club winner of the election of 2009

Dr. Esmat in the course of justice blind

Federation establish a memorial for Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, head of the United Arab Emirates

Dr. Esmat Merghany demonstration against Israeli atrocities

Britain's ambassador in Cairo, Dr. Esmat Merghany conference of the Arab League

Dr. Esmat to the right of the U.S. ambassador to Egyptin celebration of Independence Day at the U.S Embassy

Dr. Esmat and Mr. Amr Moussa at the Conference of the Arab League

Conference of the Federation supporting Egyptian President in presidential election

Dr. Esmat Merghany symposium hosted by the Federation
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