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Federation’s Objectives

  • Realizing the solidarity between the members of the same profession, upgrading and developing their performance.

  • Exchanging the experience in the field of the jurist profession and getting the advantage of the globalization phenomena of the new century.

  • Defending the public issues of people in both continents such as women issues, youth, children the elderly, political human rights…Etc.

  • Cooperation with the lawyer’s federation in the non-Afro Asian continents and participating in the creation of a new policy for the benefit of the Afro Asian Nations.

  • providing a new concept for the non –aligned movement and determining its organizational frame according to the change of the people’s priorities, in the two continents at the international level.

  • Cooperation with the lawyer’s Federation in other continent and participating in crystallizing a new system concerned with the Afro Asian people to upgrade jurist profession of the 2 continents.

  • Developing the performance of the justice agency as a part of the occupational& institutional development n Asia &Africa.

  • Seeking to promote educational programs and curriculum, as well as exchanging the experience between the faculties of law in Asia &Africa.