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News and Events >Gaddaf El Dam case and the Triumph of the Justice
   News Title: Gaddaf El Dam case and the Triumph of the Justice News Date: 11-4-2013   
Dr Esmat president of the Afro Asian Lawyers Federation for Human Rights and Social Liberal party and the lawyer of Gaddaf ELDam indicated that the great administrative  court Judgment obliged  the president of Arab  Republic of Egypt Dr Mohamed Morsy , the prim Minister Dr Hesham qandeel  the Attorney General judge  Tallat  Abdalla, Minister of the Foreign Affairs, Minister of Interior and President of the Emmigration and Nationality Department to stop procedures of Extradition for Ahmed Gaddaf  ELDam, a matter which is considered triumph of the justice because it realized what ensured by the conventions of the International and Arabic Human Rights and accredited by Egypt and Arab Countries ... Item 26,27,28 of the Arabic charter of Human Rights which stipulated  that any person resident in a region of party country has the freedom to move and relocate in any area in this region in the frame of the executive legislations .
It is illegal for any party country to expel any person who does not have the nationality and living legally in the country except through issued decree according to the law and empowering him to submite his petition to the authorized country except in case that there are national security regulations . The collective isolation is forbidden, it is impossible to send away any person from his country in arbitrary or illegal way or prohibit his residence in an area or oblige his residence in this country.
As well, it is prohibited to expel any one from his country or returning back, any one has the right to demand political asylum to another country escaping from persecution.  
This privilege is not applicable for those who are chased due to committing a crime in terms of the Public Right.
 concerning the process of attacking Gaddaf ELDam Dr Esmat comments that this attack from the Interpol surrounds with many vague questions,why this abruptness and this attack of his villa occurred during that specific time and continued for 5 hours while the memorandum of the Interpol issued since 2 years ago ,  Dr Esmat became astonished about the time of this process wondering if there are hidden reasons or bargain which did not appear up till now? Dr Esmat added that Gaddaf ELDam is penniless  and was deprived from all his possessions either liquid money or properties either inside or outside Egypt or other countries , and at present time he is in Torah prison ,  very depressed due to his isolation and severe circumstances.
He presented a message to the Egyptian people expressing his extreme thanks and gratitude as he cordially affiliated to them.