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Statement of the Federation 3/4/2002

The Afro Asian Lawyers Federation For Human Rights Out of feeling of the responsibilities towards the existing situation in the occupied Palestinian territories issued a statement declaring to the world and concerned bodies the following:


1- Denouncing the situation concerning the siege of the Palestinian President who was facing at that time electricity and water cut off, isolated from his people and the whole world and had been demanded to sign a document of surrender.

2- Denouncing the assassination of the unarmed Citizens in the Palestinian territories.

3- Refusal of what have been said by the American President that the barbarian acts committed by Charon against the Palestinian people is considered self-defense.

4- Sending International forces to protect the Palestinian from the Israeli military weapons as a. Support and activation of the resolution of the Security Council recently issued which was unanimously adopted and admitted the necessity of the withdrawal of the Israeli troops from the Palestinian territories but it has been totally rejected by Israel.


5- Keeping up all rights of the Palestinian citizens according to the International Covenants and laws.

6- Complete support for the legal resistance of the Palestinian people.

7- Denouncing and refusal of the racism applied by Israeli.

8- Pushing & encouraging the International Governmental and non Governmental Organizations concerned with human rights to lodge legal cases against Charon in person and ex officio as well as the Israeli officials for violating the Palestinian human rights in particular the unarmed citizens.

9- Requesting expel the Israeli Ambassadors from all the Arab and Islamic Countries and discontinue a relation with the Zionists.

10- Urging all People of the world to boycott the Israeli Products as an expression of a world consciences.